Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm so pooped today. not from work, but from work. Orientation was fine, kinda fun even. took about an hour. I was on the go all day yesterday it seemed. all kinds of errands to run before going to pick up C from my moms. then taking him in town for B-ball and having to stay in town since dh was getting home late. in the midst of all this, I totally rearranged my dining area shelves. it needed it anyway cause once we start putting in the new cabinets, the shelf unit there would have to move. now its done and just the small kids bookshelf is there. I'll get some pics to share today. I've got most everything put up, but a lot of stuff still out. we're getting rid of two of the shelves, so I dont have enough room for everything now. I've goodwilled a bunch of stuff, a few things I'm going to see if a friend wants, some other stuff trashed.
once I get the rest of my kitchen cabinets in, I'll have a lot more room for things, so may be able to put the rest of this stuff up. 
also considering using the old kitchen cabinets for my office space.  they are smaller cabinets (only 24" where the new ones are 30", and not quite as deep) and still match the new cabinets in color. I could have a pretty sweet system set up over here if we do use them. I'll talk to dh about it.

my car is still in the shop.  I'm driving dh's escape til its done. I'm glad I've got it, but I'll be SO glad when my car is done!

several of us have been chasing our noses this week. LOL! runny noses and watery eyes were about my undoing yesterday! GAH! doing better so far today. the dust that I kicked up by taking everything out of the shelves yesterday was terrible! kinda embarrassing really. LOL

I never even got OL yesterday, unless I sent a text in. dont even remember if I did that. 

Sarina has taken to wearing her hair in pigtails lately. so cute. its in a ponytail right now cause she only found one band. 

taking k to get her hair cut today. its going to be short and super layered. she wants to be able to spike it. plus then coloring it blue/black. interesting. she's lucky I'm cool with this stuff.

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Erica said...

I think I miss alot not being on BOLU. Where's your job?

And Happy Thanksgiving!