Monday, June 15, 2015

go me!

Feeling so much better these days, thanks to losing 20 lbs so far. In January, our work started a weight loss challenge and I decided it was a good time to get myself back in shape. It'd been a couple years or so since I'd been at a good size. When I was diagnosed, it took a year for me to be able to get my balance back and then it was just the 'want to' to get myself back.
I've finally done it this year! I'm finally under 150 (yes, I'll throw that out there and everyone will know about how much I was weighing) and feel so much better!
The things that have helped me? I keep the app My Fitness Pal updated on my phone every day. I can so easily eat way too many calories since I'm an emotional eater. It's really helped me to see what I should be eating as far as portions go. When I go over I can really tell it!
Another thing is cutting out regular sodas. This was a hard one for me since we have them all at hand at work! So I've moved myself to diet drinks if I want a soda (yes, I know diet drinks are bad as well, but I only have one if I get a craving for a soda). I do drink lots of water throughout the day as well.
One of my biggest motivators has been getting myself active though! I did this with the help of Kpop!! Most will probably say "whaaaaaa?" but for me, it's been a great thing! I hook up my ipod or plug in my tablet and bring up youtube and move and groove and weight train to some awesome Kpop sounds! I've gone down 2 sizes and can now move easily, do more than 20 jumping jacks at a time, squats are my friends and my arms no longer look like flags. LOL! I no longer have hip pain, my feet don't bother me at work on my long shifts anymore either. I'm just BETTER! :-)

So I just had to share and also put it down as a reminder for myself. When I get to those times when I don't feel like exercising, or if I'm discouraged with myself, I've come a long way!

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