Thursday, June 02, 2011

 its been a good (busy) couple of days and its not stopping til tomorrow. C looks wonderful (you can see his pic on FB). he's still getting used to not having stuff in his mouth now.  he wears a retainer for 1/2 the day (they look like invisalign). we'll be getting his wisdom teeth out this summer per dr.s request before they erupt. so fun summer for him. not. we'll wait til February to start on K's teeth. hers will be a LONG process with a LOT of work in it. I'm dreading it for her, but she REALLY needs it, so I'm also looking forward to it for her. 
Gav loved his limo ride. they got to watch the Incredibles while they rode around. 
Hunter got not only an engraved medal and a tshirt for his 2 yrs perfect attendance, he also got a new bike! I'll go pick it up today for him. he was super happy, wearing his medal all day. 
I'll pick K up an hour before school lets out so she'll have plenty of time to get ready. plus she wants to meet one of her friends up on the square for pics. (our square has a nice gazebo area set up that people usually go before proms, etc. to do pics and such).
the fridge repair guy was here before 7:30 this morning! needless to say I was still in bed and had to have him wait a sec so I could throw on a dress. 

last day of school! gotta start planning VBS days! must also get the tarp out so we can have a slip and slide going very soon! super hot out there and kids are already asking for water!

and in other awesome news:

149 this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that makes 28.5 lbs gone!

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