Monday, January 10, 2011

got to work today and got paid! my paycheck was $100 better than I thought it'd be too, awesome! forgot it included the week of Cmas where we were real busy cause this week has been so slow. I'm sure I'll get the expected next time. oh well. I'm super happy this week! 
this is what I want to get. every since we started recycling a couple of years ago, we just hang 2 walmart bags on the water heater closet door and sort our paper/plastic into those. very tacky since its right at the entry door! so I want to get a set of these to go into the cabinet that's by my stove! the one I'll get is actually the size smaller than these (couldnt find the ones I'm eyeing) and its $10 less, plus we'll get dh's military discount. I'm excited about this as well as it'll keep from looking so messy when you first walk in the house!

I wanted to get this for my backsplash cause I seen it on DIY. WELL, dont guess I will cause the price they didnt want to tell you!  woah! I'll be doing it the hard way and save a lot of $. 

I moved a couple of loose cabinets around tonight and got my couch back together. that was bugging the CRAP out of me! so both of those cabinets are where they'll eventually be anyway and now I just need to get the old round dining table out of my LR. if C gets home tomorrow he can help me do that. I want my house back in a semblance of order! ugh! 

kids likely wont be in school again tomorrow. more snow tonight through wednesday morning. wow. its going to be another short summer for them. LOL

gavin is getting over some crud. its the same stuff G, S and K all have gone through. fever and tiredness, no appetite. he's on the upswing now, fever is just low-grade. we've been hitting the Vitamins! me too since every since I started working out there, its like SOMEone has a cold/flu/etc they're dealing with. EW!! stay away from me!!!! 

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