Monday, August 10, 2009

the remodel work on our floors is coming along well. today they got the top floor laid down and early tomorrow the men that will lay the new linoleum (SP?) will be here. hopefully my house will be back to rights by wednesday evening? would be nice! I'll be painting tomorrow as well, so still dont expect to see me much on here. :P
my house is chaos. we've not had the washer hooked up since friday evening so I'll be up to my armpits in laundry when its hooked back up! my whole bedroom is just.... ugh! that's where all the stuff from the utility room and bathroom AND master closet has gone (with exeption of cabinetry, washer/dryer. I'll get a pic of that mess tomorrow. i can get in on one side of the bed.

(I'll have to post this tomorrow since a storm is moving in and it knocked my net out :P )

I have to call about the kids computer. the power blinked the day before yeaterday and now it wont come on.  of course gavin and katlyn are going nuts at not being able to get on.

school is going great, seems they all like it so far. Hunter told me friday that he was being so good he'd not gotten his name on the board!
gavin brought home his math book today, they'll be using saxon math :)
and of course today started the *real* work since the 3 days last week were just intros basically.

hunter likes riding the bus. on Mon/Tues and Thurs they all get dropped off at the dojo and I meet them up there. lots easier than waiting in line at all the schools to pick them up!

hm.... oh, Hunter taught himself how to ride a 2 wheel bike last week!  he called me outside and said "momma! come watch me ride this cool new bike!" (2 guys at work had given dh 2 'new' bikes for the boys). and he trucked right around the driveway on it! I was so proud of him!

Garrett is doing really well, not that he's magically morphed into an angel, but he's doing really good during the days when the kids are gone. I hardly have any problems between him and sarina. the days are pretty darn nice IMO!

he's been TOTALLY entertained while the workers have been here. its all right up his alley, tools, dirt, man stuff LMBO! the first day he came and emptied the water heater, that was 50 gallons of water that garrett got to play in! LOL!!

guess I'll post this if it'll let me, then go read a bit before bed. I have been getting up when the kids are getting ready and will HAVE to tomorrow since the floorers will be here early. *yawn*

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