Tuesday, December 09, 2008

dh was in on the weekend with us which was nice. he had to leave otu on sunday afternoon though. he's hoping he'll get to be home before friday this week. me too!
friday Katlyn has a band concert, saturday the kids will be in the town parade with the Kung Fu class. this coming tuesday Gavin will be in a class chorus program at school.

I had to take Sarina to the dr today cause she finally caught the congestion cold we've been passing around at home. poor thing. sleeping at night has NOT been good though. last night she got to sleep at 11, woke up at 12:30 and didnt get back to sleep til 4. I of course couldnt get to sleep til about 5 or later then woke at 6:22 to check on the kids. she did end up sleeping til 9 after that though.
so she has congestion (not in her lungs though), a slight ear infection in her left ear and a yeast infection that we've been battling for a week. :P
oh, she's 21 lbs as well, which means she's actually slowing down now. LOL!!

ugh, I'm on moms dsl tonight, but its acting goofy, not loading pages and stuff. I hope this posts!

I'm sure there's a ton more to yak about. guess I could start keeping a file typed up so all I have to do is copy/paste!

oh, Garrett's new phrase is "I Wa You" (I love you) and he says it like 2000000000000000000000000000000 times a day. LOL! he gets VERY upset if I dont answer him too which can be irritating if I'm doing something else, like on the phone, counting, disciplining, etc. LOL!

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