Friday, October 07, 2005

Our neighbors

Our neighbors got the news today that Jackson, their now 3 ½ month old son who’s been at Vanderbuilt NICU since the day he was born, likely would not pull through the rest of the week. He had surgery this past Sunday and has been sedated since, not waking once. He de-sats if they even touch him and he's had to be resuscitated several times. He’s on a breathing machine and at first it only helped him every now and then, now it does all the breathing for him. He’s on 3 different pain meds, including Phenobarbital and a med for keeping his BP up and a med to keep his blood vessels from restricting. Things don't look good.
They have the choice of whether to let him continue as is or to let him go. Gina said they'd not made that decision yet (since I'd talked to her this afternoon).
If you could keep them all in your prayers as they go through this. It'd be so wonderful for him to make a complete recovery; if he does he has a lot to overcome, including weaning off all the pain meds which he is now 'addicted' to. I feel so heartbroken for them. She puts on a strong face, but her eyes are so sorrowful. :(

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