Saturday, October 14, 2006

saturday stuff

my baby will be home tomorrow! ok, so he's 11, but he's still my baby. I hope he's having a good time, must be good enough to not call mommy the whole time. hrmp, grow up way too fast! oh well, I'll hear aaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll about it for the whole week and will likely be bonkers before he quits. LOL!
we had a good day today. fixed a big breakfast for everyone and just after lunch we headed down to nashville (dh driving of course) to see some of his mom's relatives he's never met. they were both older couples, in their 70's and loved talking about family! it was great though cause dh has had basically no knowledge of his moms side since she passed away when he was 17. it was good for him and he enjoyed it. he also got a really old pic of his grandpa as a baby. they took a bunch of pics, but I forgot our camera, so she's sending me copies of what they took.

oh, speaking of pics, I stopped in to get our family pics today, but there was a white line running down the side of ALL the pics! wouldnt have been so bad, but it was right through Gavin's face in the group pic. so she's sending them all back for a reprint. *sigh* 4-6 weeks! ugh. she did give me 2 3x5's though cause I wanted to take those to the relatives today. the smaller ones the white line isnt hard to tell, but the 8x10 and up are quite noticeable! (dang it!) they turned out really well otherwise! (seeing if I can bring them up online now..

all the kids did SO well while visiting today! they made us proud! nothing like worrying how they'll be in a new house that is NOT kid-proofed.

well poop, they dont show the pics online, just the post #'s. sheesh! they did have 3x5's of all the kids poses today with a special price. I want to get them when they come back in if I have the $. they really turned out so well. I hate not getting them. but we'll see. perhaps I'll get a better deal since they had to reprint... hmmmmmm...... nothing like hounding them for a bargain.

church and a shop for tomorrow. and I'd like to get my hair colored. I think I'm pretty rough looking. waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much gray showing up there!! yuck!!

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