Wednesday, October 25, 2006


oh, funny Hunter story: I've been on the boys lately about not putting clean clothes in the dirty hamper. they have a BAD habit of going through clothes, having something on an hour then deciding to change-therefore putting the other clothes in the hamper. makes for a MOUNTAIN of laundry! (and one upset momma ). so Hunter has this one outfit (the one he's wearing in the pics above) with Tigger and yellow pants he likes. he'd actually worn it the 2nd day in the above pics *blush* but they didnt get dirty til yesterday when they went down to the campgrounds and played. well, this morning I told everyone to go get dressed after breakfast and Hunter comes out wearing the same outfit. I told him he really needed to put on something else cause the butt was dirty, as are the sleeves and that he was going to stink if he dindt put on some clean clothes. so he dropped his head and slowly made his way to his room. about a minute later he pokes his head out of the room and in a tear-filled voice exclaims "mommy, I wanna stink!"

my gosh, I had to turn my head to not laugh right at him!!!! LMBO!!! but of course gave in since we werent going anywhere today *blush*. at least I know the laundry wont be from HIM this week!! ROFL!!

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