Friday, October 06, 2006

good day

had a good day today! went yard saleing as usual and found a lot of good deals. to and including 5 new church shirts for the boys (.50 each), 2 new denim capri's for me (.50 and .25 and size 10's to boot! wee!!), about 5 new shirts for me (most .50, one GAP denim button down was $1), two new pair of shoes for K, a whole bag of new socks for Garrett at a nickel each, along with one 9-12m sleeper and a couple of onesies and a pull over bib (love those for feeding!) 3 pair of baby place jeans 9-12m, and I think a couple shirts for him- all .10 each, NWT nightgown for me $1, 4 honeycomb shades for the house (gosh, I love these and have wanted some forEVER) for $1.50 each (already have them put up! hehe!), a Donkey Kong stuffed animal .25 for the boys which will be saved for Christmas , new Dave Ramsey book (Financial Peace) that I've been wanting to get but not dish out $ for ( ) $1, pair of Limited Too denim overalls for K that'll be saved for Christmas- $1, pair of Bob the Builder pj's for the boys .50, some more clothes for Garrett 12-18m think I paid $1 for those which was less than what I was quoted , Beauty and the Beast magical Christmas (yes, it'll be saved for C-mas LOL) $1, and I know there is more, but that's all I can think of. LOL!

we also went ahead and signed on our new insurance for the house today! not that I'm tickled about plunking out a wad of cash like that for the first installment, but its a LOT less than it could have been! so that makes me happier about it.

dh is off work tomorrow and is going to go to nashville to get the stuff he needs to fix the mailbox. heh-heh-heh. the mailbox of steel... wonder if I should paint an "S" on the side like superman? it'd also go with our last name.

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