Friday, January 05, 2007

who told him to be a night owl?

gosh, last night was rough. not talking weather either. little man didn't go to sleep til 1:30! don't know what was up with him, but he was determined to not stay asleep any time I laid him down. I was almost crying cause I was tired of course. he then woke around 2:30 but just needed a paci fix, then slept til 6 something and I brought him to bed. I think I slept with my mouth open after that cause I woke later with a sore throat and still have it.
the day hasn't been bad though. besides a late start, the in town stuff went fast since I already did my walmarting yesterday. made for a much better day!
dh is on the way home. he wanted to get in before the rain hit bad down in Nashville since the people drive bonkers (worse than usual LOL) when its raining.

oh, didn't see any other damage outside from the winds last night. thank goodness. we did see several trampolines, garbage cans and other odd stuff laying around the area going in town today. some roof damage to a few places and such as well.

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