Monday, January 29, 2007

much better!

so we got home late, after 10. we'd been playing on mom's puter with Google Earth and checking all kinds of stuff out. SO COOL! I want DSL so I can play with it too! LOL! I even found the hotel dh is staying at and the plant they're working at this week. hehe! plus we checked out Giza pyramids, Iraq, Japan and other stuff. so neat! (Japan has a LOT of schools and track/field areas!)
we were going to stay the night, but I didn't go prepared to do that, so we'll stay on Wednesday night instead. my mom will be coming over to pick up the kids while I go to an appt with H and Garrett, so we'll just head over there afterwards and stay the rest of the day!
Hunter burned his finger tonight a little. that boy is so stubborn, don't know what I'll do with him! he was sitting in front of the fireplace and papaw told him 4 times to not get close to it cause the 'fence thing' (whatever its called) was hot. did he listen? why no! so when he DID touch it (of course) he got a scalded finger tip. : I don't think its blistered, he kept it wrapped in an icy towel the rest of the night.

oh, Garrett did achieve a milestone today! he can put food in his mouth! using the pincher grasp, he can grab it and actually feed himself now! he was doing it with his snacks today! (I was reading yesterday, I think, in Dawn's journal where Kyle started doing this too! LOL) so that's cool, usually he just opens and closes his fist or looks at it, wondering why the snack is still sticking to his hands. LOL!

I did get pics of the kids and stuff from FL, but they'll need to be resized and stuff. I cant wait to do scrappages with a bunch of them!!

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