Saturday, May 13, 2006

day before Mom's Day

we had a great day today. the kids stayed here with daddy while mom and I went to tashas mom's house for her shower. we dropped C off there with her step dad cause he was taking all the boys/guys fishing. C loved that!
the shower lasted for like...4 hours! longest one I've ever been to! LOL! I did win four of the games though! hehe! the best one I won was to guess how big around tasha was. I measured my belly, then took off a couple of inches. I missed it by like a quarter inch! made me feel REALLY good! LOL!!
I had more sweets today than I normally have all week! *eek* the homemade cake was good adn they had these little baby paci sweet tarts. yum! plus all the other good food. I left full!!
I picked up the meats for grilling tomorrow afterwards. gosh, its gonna be SO delicious! I'm kinda sad though cause I know I wont be able to eat a lot. LOL!

and yes, been having different types of contrax all day. earlier today it was all radiating down my legs. made standing up for stretches a real booger! I kept having to march my legs to help with the pain.
then later it was the regular cramp type ones, sometimes around the back.
tonight its the cramp type mostly and baby is shifted in front (his back is at my belly button) and he's quite active and its hurting my belly button!!

I've noticed a lot of pressure with this one too. I never really had any pressure from Hunter cause he floated til they broke my water, but this little one is shifted down where he's suposed to be and I can tell a difference! lots of sharp pains in my pelvis and the pee thing is rediculous!

with the kids: both K and G woke with barky sore throats this morning. some juice helped G while K has kept a sore throat all day. she had a fever (low grade) this morning while G was fever free. now tonight she had another very low grade fever while G was back to burning up. : so I'm not sure if we'll be going to church in the morning, and if we do, not sure who will all go. maybe just me, C and H. we'll see.

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