Thursday, May 25, 2006

BP issues

ok, so I'm up way early today! actually been up since 4:30.
I'm going to call Dr. P today after the office opens up. I'm a smidge worried over the swelling and my BP. I know, probably nothing, but last night I had absolutely no swelling in my hands and during the night I got up to pee and since my arms/hands had been tingling since yesterday afternoon, they were feeling puffy. like my skin was just too tight on all my extremities.
well, I couldn't get my rings off, at all.
I went to take my BP w/ dh's wrist cuff and got a 149/80 reading (HR only 69). so that bottom is like 20 points higher than normal for me and the top, like wow. my average is 110/60 (remember it was slightly up on Tuesday at the dr.).
so I go back to bed after noticing my feet are still swelled, though not in a complete 'cankle' state ( ) the tops of my feet are what's puffy right now.
dh wakes up, cause he heard the BP machine. he wants me to call Dr. P asap, he's worried.
so after he left I took another reading (@ 5:30) and it was then 138/84. I have no clue on BP readings except that bottom # really shouldn't keep going up.
I thought it'd be down a bit cause I was able to take off 3 of my rings, 2 are impossible.
my left side is more swelled than my right, but I can actually see the tendons in the top of my left hand now.
my eyes feel puffy too, but at this time of morning, I don't know if that's just me being awake way too early or what.

so anyhoo, if anyone knows anything about this shtuff, tell me. I did some reading on the edema last night and it seems they're not really worried unless the bottom # gets over 90?

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