Thursday, April 06, 2006

pg mentioned- Gina's OB update

remembered I needed to send in an update. :)
Had my 30 week check up yesterday and all is well.
BP was 112/63
weight was -2 lbs (don't know how I lost that, guess from not eating breakfast first ;)
baby belly measures 29 cm, so right on track
Next appt is in 3 weeks again, then I go for a couple of 2 weekers then to one week visits.
I'm super excited for baby. I'm feeling rather great physically, just some pelvic pain and round ligaments and braxtons as expected. :)
I'm just eager for the next 9 weeks to go quickly so I can meet baby!
(and hopefully by then he'll have a name!)
#5 due in early June!

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