Sunday, April 23, 2006

ouch and ouch!

I hurt my back today. it was my fault though, we were at John and Tasha's, trying to watch a movie (while dh and C were at ball practice) and the two small boys kept running wild. so I picked both up and put them on the couch. not good. G is about 50 lbs and H is about 40 lbs so my back has been hurting since. silly silly silly of me!

officially 33 weeks today!!!!!! I'm feeling huge! little one has been doing this stretching thing the past couple of days that has me worried! LOL! either he's really sprouted or he's gotten into a different position cause DANG if it doesnt hurt!!!! he pushes his legs out my left side and his butt out the right and it hit this nerve that's tender going down my right side. it actually makes me gasp and "ouch!" whenever he does it. (did it during sunday school this morning )
I'm finally keeping some weight on again. up to 176.5 here at home, been there for a few days now, so I figure it'll stick. been fluctuating between 174-176 for quite a while now, so guess its about time.

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