Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'new' wagon

last nite after my short shopping stint, as I was driving home, I seen someone was tossing out a Little Tykes wagon! I was like 'no way!' so I ended up turning around a few times thinking about snagging it from the side of the road. finally I do it! you should have seen it. that thing is huge! plus the back of my truck was loaded, so I had to STUFF that thing in there!!! but I MADE it fit!!! I need to check it out today, but it looks great from what I could tell last night, just needs cleaning up.
looks like this, only its a solid teal color and has a mini door on the side to get in/out.

I crack myself up! but no way could I see it go to the trash when we could use it!
ok, ya'll can make fun of me now

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