Sunday, October 12, 2008

so FIL came in on Friday evening (didn't he? dang, I don't remember! maybe it was Saturday afternoon? LOL) and we've been hanging out all weekend. we didn't go to church today even. felt weird. LOL!
yesterday was pretty low key. dh got up with me and we went yard saleing. didn't find a whole lot, but he did score a pressure washer he's been wanting a very long time. seems we always spend a whole lot more when he goes with us... same as the grocery store! LOL! so he'll be eating sandwiches all week since he spent his per diem money on that. its a nice one though, and now we don't have to look at spending twice as much on a new one.

the kids and I have been playing with the yard play stuff I picked up for $1 a couple weeks ago! K and I have been playing badmitten like crazy and I count it towards my exercise points for the challenge. even HER arms are sore!

oh, the biggest news of the weekend has got to be that Sarina is actually starting to eat solids now! um... she loves bread. I know, I know, bad mommy! LOL! K and I were lunching on Friday and S kept wanting my sandwich, so I gave her a nibble of bread and YUM she ate and ate! I was awed to say the least! this from the girl who always gags, makes lemon faces and clamps her lips tight at any sign of solids!
so later I let her try some more peas and she ate about 1/4 a stage one jar! wow! Saturday she ate another 1/4, a bit less today (rice cereal... even with a pinch of sugar in it... was still a yuck). she's been getting nibbles off my plate though. today we lunched at fazolis and she had a few small pieces of spaghetti. and of course, bread.
she makes a TOTAL mess while eating though! I can see she's going to be like K was for years (til just recently!) and leave a mess wherever she eats. LOL!

the kids have enjoyed FIL being home of course. Garrett knows him and calls him Papaw for now and of course adores his semi parked out in the drive! Sarina is not so fond of it, he blew the horns and she immediately let her lip fall out and burst into tears! took forever to get her to quit too! is that the little girl part of her??

dh goes back to AL in the morning. *sniff* been nice with him home. FIL will be here til Wednesday I think, then he goes back to PA. the kids go back to school on Tuesday and Wednesday is S's 6m appt. not to mention karate each night. so at least we wont be bored.

ok, I'm sure there's more, but I haven't written notes down this weekend. I do have Sarina's 6m pics uploading, though I may post them tomorrow. my eyes are hurting tonight.

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