Monday, May 26, 2008

last night

hi! here just busy as usual. nak for bedtime too.
today was eh...just eh. the highlites were making it to church, vegging at home, starting a new book, and nice weather.
bad spots were the trying to get ready for church, running over garretts new trike cause the boys left it behind the truck when we left out this morning , S's 2 nursing strikes, dealing with ants *grrrrrr!!!!!!!*, gavin finding he has poison ivy.

last night was fun tho. we grilled at my moms and stayed there til like 10pm. the kids got to play in the creek and stuff too.

measured S and she did have a growth spurt this week, tho I think its all in length and her noggin she's 22.25" and her head is 15" now. so about the size of C at birth now...except for weight. when I tried to get a weight friday, she was only like 8.11, so very long, but very skinny LOL I'll take her in for another weigh in on tuesday since I'll be in town (6wk pp check).
this morning I was going to let her wear a 3-6m dress to church and it'd have fit great in lrngth, but the arm holes came to the bottom of her ribs!
and she's finally wearing a 0-3m sleeper to bed since she's long enough now. hopefully we wont be losing legs tonight. gowns were getting on my nerves cause they kept ending up down around her arms (as in she'd squirm up out the neck hole and have her arms pinned to her sides), so she's been sleeping in LS onesies for a while. tonight tho G got in bed before I got her pjs on, so we're trying a sleeper.

new G talk this weekend: comes up and says "what ya doin?", "nite nite", feet, toes, and a couple other things I've forgotten... my fav tho is still "I want some!"

me, coughing. :P most of the kids have it or have had it too. So far S has not, praying it stays that way!

going to bed now

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