Saturday, May 31, 2008

 Sarina has officially reached 9 lbs (tho I dont know an exact #) and has her first mini-roll on her inner thigh.  course its only there until she frog-legs, but its there! LOL
she's getting so expressive lately. this morning she got excited when I rolled over to her to feed her. big smiles and almost laughing, arms flailing in excitement, so sweet!
I've started trying some 3-6m stuff on her. a few things she can wear for length (she's over 22") but it has to have a small neckhole and cuffed arms or she's lost in it.
I finally got her birth announcement in the paper this week!
Garrett continues to bloom in language. things like "here you go", "babys feet", and other things tumble out of his mouth all the time. he also calls Sarina "Nah-nah" (think of how the last syllable of her name sounds). course its also what he calls bananas LOL!
Gavin's eye surgery is monday. I was called to LMK that it was moved up earlier in the day! he was going to have to wait til 1:30 (and no eating after midnight the night before), but now his surgery is at 10:15 am! I'm so glad.
dh is working today, but thats good for $. today is also my nephews bday party. free food! LOL!

oh, that reminds me! went to Mighty $ on thursday and found all kinds of princess bday items for S! they're so cute! I just got the candle and fur trimmed hats for now. remind me to get a pic to share!

I'm sure theres more, but oh well. I updated LOL

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