Sunday, February 17, 2008

hey, lookit my ticker! I'm under 60 days now!
baby girl has been doing a LOT of stretching out on me lately. pushing out both sides on me. makes for a lot of *ack* moments!
dont know if I mentioned in here, but she head butted my cervix yesterday while at walmart and my eyes about bugged out!
C is off school tomorrow (but dh is working). we'll just hang at home since its going to be cold. we did get our St. refund in so I'll be going to pay off our property taxes on tuesday (*pout*) and my dr appt is that day, plus my bday!
I'm going to ask for a cervical check at my appt just so I know what's going on in there. I know the bottom of my cervix is open (I think up to 2.5cm now) so I want to know what the top of my cervix is doing, JIC.
I had more cramps start up last night for a while and I think that's what got me the next .5cm. :P

um, did I mention I found a PINK Bobby bouncy seat for $11 at the consignment store friday? its all cleaned up. I also pulled out the travel swing from the garage and will get it cleaned up tomorrow I guess.

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