Sunday, February 24, 2008


 ok, I've got some BIG news!!! I'm SO excited and feel so special!!!
I got a real birthday present tonight!!
dh went with me and I got my first laptop!!!!! I'm so freaking/stinking tickled pink!! wow oh wow!
I'm still working on getting it set up to have all the stuff I need, but I got my OL access installed at least and my favs, so can work from there. and tomorrow I'll go over to my moms and finish installing the other stuff since I can pick up her wifi connection there. this will be SO cool!!!!
getting a pic of what I got to share with ya'll.
dh is so good to me, I tell ya! just a love bug!

its a compaq (which I know is by HP, but still never thought I'd own one LOL) and was on special. I didnt want to go expensive at all, but didnt want to skimp on stuff I knew I'd want/need and this one had great reviews on it!
the kids are excited of course cause they think they can be on the desktop anytime they want now. LOL!
I do have to work on figuring some stuff out, like how do you keep from making the touchpad mouse scroll a page while you're typing??? LOL!!! I got a wireless mouse to use with it since I'm so used to that (adn its PINK! LMBO).
so I'm feeling the love tonight!

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Kimmy Jones said...

That's a great birthday present. I love my laptop. I bring it to work with me all the time and pretty much take it with me where ever I go. It's so convenient.