Wednesday, October 10, 2007


so, gosh, not sure when I last posted even.
let's see, for Sunday:
bought the new water heater and dh got it all installed and we had water again! no hot water though cause I had to call monday for an electrician to run a new wire for it (new codes have a bigger wire to use).

monday, called all the electricians in the phone book and was called back a couple hours later by the one recommended by my neighbors. he came out asap to look at it and see what he could do. turns out he could be out the next morning and get it done!
We mostly bummed around the house that day, but also cleaned house. (and as a side note, only one other electrician called back the same day. two others called back the next day and one recalled again today at 7:45am. duh.)

tuesday, it rained that day!!!!!! we got like an hour and a half of rain! made the electrician run a wee bit behind, so he got here about 8:30 and was finished by 11. we had hot water by 11:30! only cost $180 for his work and materials, so I was very happy about that.  my mom stopped by for a bit. she'd picked K up earlier to take with her to the vet's office. Billy (remember the little runt kitten that my cat took in and he'd grown so much?) had been sick and turns out he was almost gone. they had to put him to sleep. mom and C buried him out back where we have my Tilly and Callie.
I also had to run in town to cash FIL's comcheck he gave to me to help pay for the electrician and stuff. then last night was the homeschool meeting. we also had a hayride, which was really nice. it wasnt quite too cold, just chilly.
today we woke up late after staying up late to watch movies. we got in town in time for story hour, which was providing free pizza. we stayed til around 12 cause of mom yakking. LOL!

now back home and finally checking email and all that after a few days. scary stuff!

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