Thursday, October 04, 2007

2nd Dr. appt

had a great day! my dr. appt went perfect. its neat going in on
thursdays cause that's the day they do u/s. get to see all the bellys
and the anticipation in the waiting room.
I'm up 5 lbs from last visit (ack! but I knew I would be from all the
eating I had to do to keep from feeling awful. BUT I'm down one pound
from where I WAS last week.) BP was 123/68. dont know what that top
number was up and my heartrate was 105. nurse commented on that and I
dont know why that was up either. maybe the DP I had for breakfast.
Dr wasnt worried about it though, so I dont guess I will.
I had to take K and Garrett with me today cause my mom hurt her back.
she was able to keep the two boys for me cause they can take care of
themselves, but no way I could keep G and do my shops and stuff as well,
so K came with me. they were both great though!
so dr P came in and said 'let's try to find a h/b!' said he wasnt going
to measure my uterus cause its too small yet (I told him "I can feel my
uterus and can tell you where it is." then he decides to check around
himself and sees where it is.) he found baby parked over on my left
side, thumping away! (and I'll have to go back and read, but I"m pretty
sure I'm used to the last few babes being on my right side). K was happy
to hear the h/b, thought it was neat and later asked why it was so fast.
so I asked the doc how fast the h/b was and he said "I dont know, sounds
fast though. maybe in girl range?" I said "I dont know." he laughed and
said "we like to play those games sometimes (the old wives tales about
the heartrate=gender) but the good thing is its a nice strong h/b!"
I go back on Nov. 1st.

we'll be having chili for dinner again tonight (what I fixed last night)!

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Kimmy Jones said...

Glad you're apt. went well. Awesome it's going well. It's neat to hear all the details. :)