Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

sorry I've been MIA from my own journal, nothing really to post about I guess. LOL!
I did get a beautiful V-day card and a dozen pink roses from hubby tonight. he got each of the kids their own mini heart box of candy too. I made each of the kids a valentine today and put their Reese's cups in them. they loved that of course. I also made dh's and I got him some beef jerky! he's not a candy person, but he loves that stuff. since we had dinner out this past weekend I didn't bother with a fancy dinner... we had Krystals.
we were just going to eat at the homeschool meeting, but hubby was hungry as soon as he got home, and I didn't have anything fixed. oh well. ;-)
he brought the two small boys home with him and me and the big kids went to the meeting to hang out. got a field trip on the 27th for the corvette museum and corvette plant. (FYI, any KY residents can get into the museum during Feb for only $1).
Tomorrow is my next OB appt. I've nearly forgot it, good thing it's written on several calendars! LOL!
I'm worried about what the scales will say THIS month cause even by my scales I've put on about 3 lbs this past week. I seriously think baby is having a growth spurt cause in the last 3 days I feel like my tummy has just stretched terribly! I feel HUGE now! one of the ladies at the HS meeting said I finally look pg! LOL! I told her she was nuts cause I've looked like that since I was 8 weeks.

I did get to hold a good friends baby at the meeting tonight. he's @5 months old and just a happy little fella. I actually got him to sleep. I love how they hold on to your neckline when they go to sleep in your arms. so sweet! got me some practice in too, let me know I've still "got it".
and ok, can I have a mini-freak phase for a bit? My bday is coming up on Sunday and *gasp* I'll be 33! Daddy was asking the kids how old I was going to be on Sunday and after all the numbers being thrown around (Katlyn knew for sure), Gavin says "you'll be 58 mommy!" *ACK! bop that kid on the head!! LMAO* I told him that'd be a miracle cause I'd be almost 9 years older than my mom! LOL!! I don't guess I'm freaking TOO bad... since its not here yet (I can deny all I want, yes?) but man, I much rather see the kids bdays than to see my own calendar tick like that. LOL!

oh, dh is still convinced we have a twin hiding out in my belly. and its a girl. LOL! course with how I look right now, I'd sure have the room! I swear I've had a major growth spurt! I told him if the dr. picks up two heartbeats tomorrow, I'll let him know. hehe! Course he'd have a fainting spell most likely if I told him we did find two. LOL!!

ok, I've blabbed, now off to visit for a bit! :-D

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