Thursday, March 17, 2011

welcome Jaden!!

 in awesome news, my little sister had her baby boy yesterday!!! he was 4 weeks early due to high BP and gestational diabetes, weighed 6.7 lbs. Jaden Thomas. they'd been trying for almost 9 years to have a baby and their miracle is here! cant wait to see and snuggle him 
but of course many prayers are wanted. being 4 weeks early can be hard on a tiny one. please keep them in your thoughts!

dh didnt get to be home last night, but will be back today. which is good. I feel bad for the kids since I work every night this week (except friday), so I like having him home. we'll be having reuben sandwiches tonight. I hope its good, I used a crockpot recipe for them.

i'm super tired today. could NOT get to sleep last night. guess I'll go back to using my melatonin tonight. I hate not being able to drift off to sleep like a normal person. :P

only done about 10 minutes of zumba this week. I suck. I hope I get some energy today to get it done before work. darn DST has totally thrown off my days.
at least today none of the kids missed the bus! she's been on time all week (where she has been running about 10 minutes late all year up til now) and so every day this week, someone has missed the bus!  I kicked tail today to get them all out the door 

think I'm going to get a breakfast snack for me and S and take a catnap on the couch with her. need my energy for the day and its not coming to me.

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