Wednesday, September 02, 2009

so in the morning, C goes to get his braces and expanders put on! I'm taking me a book along since I have no idea how long this will take. i'm hoping to meet up with my sis as well. I told C I'd take him to FYE afterwards for a new CD he's wanting. it'll be his bday gift (which he's very excited to get it before his bday too )

FIL is supposed to be in tomorrow as well. it'll be a busy weekend! tomorrow is braces, kids are off on friday, plus FIL will be in and I have my usual running to do. saturday we're having C's 14th bday party! it'll be out at the park so there wont be a ton of clean up! then sunday we'll be going to Burkesville for a family reunion on dh's side as well as hoping to meet up with my dad that day since he'll be in the neighboring town.
friday is also parent/teacher meetings! gotta remember that!
monday the kids are off school of course.

sarina's not felt 100% today. she's had the poops and her bottom has been getting red cause of it. not sure what's causing it: teeth? bug? dont know. she had a low grade fever this morning, but otherwise is fine. no runny nose, etc, just the poops. we're still waiting on her canine teeth to come in, so those could be the culprits. guess we'll find out.

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