Friday, January 30, 2009

Sarina's two front side incisors came in finally! she's got little fangs (should I call her Bella or Alice?) pesky little things took their time on the last leg of that journey to get in! now we'll be waiting on the two top front middle teeth, the big uns!
she's been practicing her walking with us. she can walk beside us holding our hand now. so dang cute! and she's getting braver going between things. just a matter of time before she's eager to try more than one step here and there!
and she's slowly moving into the 18m stuff now. she can still wear 12m items fine and even the odd/end 6-9m thing, but her thighs/butt are really needing 18m pants and jeans. *giggle* poor girl, I hope she works some of that off when she starts walking

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