Thursday, July 31, 2008

got a bunch of great pics yesterday of everyone while we were playing outside. it was rainging a bit so it cooled down and we got out to play and dh fixed my truck. it took a while though cause the battery was pretty drained from sitting for 2 days with a dieing alternator, so it had to take some loving and convincing before it finally started keeping charged and even idle.

Sarina had a meltdown last night casue she was ready for bed earlier than expected (8:30-9) and I wasnt ready. daddy got her calmed/sleeping while I showered though and when she started to wake back up, we climbed in bed real quick and slept. she was up every 2 hrs to eat last night though and I'm having to fix her at least one bottle a day right now. sounds like a definite growth spurt, it juts takes my body longer to catch up with making what she needs. I could have fed her every hour yesterday and it not be enough.
also the thrush is flared up on her. gave her some more drops today and medicating myself. it could be why she's so grouchy right now.

lots of rain this morning (woo!) and the kids have soccer practice today (g at 4, k and c at 5) and gavin's open house is at 5:30. he's excited to say the least! they go to school on 8-6, so next week it'll be a whole new routine!! I hope it all goes smoothly.

sorry for typos but I'm wearing my wrist brace today. I thnk I've slept on it wrong for a couple of nights and I can barely pick up any weight with it right now.  it hurts in the same places as teh carpal tunnel. :P stupid stuff.

I'm still kinda blah, but I think its mostly over self-image right now. I really need to lose weight and I dont like myself as I look right now. it makes me sad. *sigh*

been working on cleaning up the house today, laundry, cat boxes, kitchen floor/counters. still need to vac the house. I hate how it gets so dirty so quick. really need to dust.


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