Sunday, June 29, 2008

in good news, C's team won last nights game too, so they go to district on 7-4!!!! (didn't think it was regional or state, but I couldn't think of the right word before). they're playing again tonight against a neighboring team, but whether they win or lose they still go to district (though I really hope they beat them cause they've lost against them every time in the previous years!) C also hit two homeruns yesterday, so proud of him!

we should find out tomorrow who will be doing dh's surgery. hopefully when as well. its hard to imagine that he's going to be here at home till at least some time in august! he told me the first day that I'll probably be ready to boot him out of the house. I told him as long as he doesn't get all grouchy then I wont. ;)

I'm hoping for good news on the workman's comp. he was told they go back over a year's wages and average that out and that's what he'll be getting for the time he's off, and sent weekly since that's how we're set up on paying bills. I thought they'd just base it on a 40 hr week and that was going to be hard on us, but if its an average over the past year, that *should* be a bit better. we should know tomorrow I think.

the hardest thing is the kids. I don't think they really *get it* yet, KWIM? they know daddy is hurt and the older kids know he's going to be home for a while, but they don't really see the big picture of course. they keep asking 'can we go here to eat' 'can we go rent more movies' (rented 6 movies for $1.50 the other day!), 'can we go to the city again' and stuff. my biggest thing is Hunter's birthday is on the 6th and I don't know what I can get him! I'll probably have to go to the CARES center to find something. sucks, but I had to do that for Garrett as well. *sigh* I feel like a bad mom for that sometimes.

anyway, don't want to end this on a sad note. in other good news, Sarina laughed out loud for me yesterday morning for the first time! :)
at church this morning the ladies were making over her and how tiny she is. LOL.

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