Wednesday, January 23, 2008

well checks

back home! K didnt have to get any shots today (to her happiness). her vision was 20/20, all the extras were awesome. she's 5'1 1/2" tall and 107lbs (in other words, very tall and slim for a 10 year old LOL).
G did get three shots, poor little guy. after an initial scream at being poked though, he did great, just giving the nurses 'the lip' after I got him up. he TOTALLY charmed the nurses, even slapping one on the butt several times! she was almost crying she was laughing so hard!
he was SO active during the whole visit. the term ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM would describe him perfectly! the doc said "so I take it he's feeling rather well today?" LMBO!! when we were leaving, she asked him "where's mama?" to which he cocked his head toward me and started this crazy little laugh (imagine his tongue sticking out while he's laughing like "you know I know what you think I know") and she got so tickled at him for that. total ham!!
so his stats are 34" tall, 27.7 1/2 lbs, HC 19.5". almost exactly the same size as K at his age! weird that.  his feet are 1 1/2 sizes bigger though. LOL!
she was pleased with his vocab (I wrote a list of words and phrases that he says) and said he's very much on track, especially since he understands commands and simple directions. made me relieved.

we stopped and got ice cream cones afterwards.
this was the first time my mom got to ride in the new truck. she said its like riding in one of those fancy limo cars.

trying to think of what to fix for dinner. maybe baked spaghetti?

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