Wednesday, December 26, 2007

so lookit my ticker today! I'm 24 weeks, which is the age of viability! not that I want Sarina to come any time soon, but man, to be here already?! wowzers!! I do have belly pics to upload, along with a bunch from Christmas as well. and only 12 more days til I reach that double digit countdown mark! eek!!

didnt get any stats from the appt today. it was a wic checkin and I forgot to take any verifying info with me. so she just gave me a months supply and I'll get G's info in at the end of Jan. I felt so dorky. all the other appts I've been prepared, but this time my brain was not there. oh well.

I did get to walmart though while out since all the Cmas stuff was half off. picked up a few things with the GC FIL gave me. got some new Cmas boxes, ornament hangers, replacement lights, angel for the tree (misplaced my light up one and it was old anyway), a Coke lunchbox ornament for papaw for next Cmas, a wreath box for the new wreath dh got for us, disney princess wrapping paper... and maybe a couple more things. with K's GC from papa jim, I went ahead and got her an Ariel doll she's been wanting for a long time. she was super happy about that one!
and with Sarina's GC from papa jim, I got some more yarn to finish the sweater I'm working on, and a couple of scrapbooking things.

K is staying with a friend tonight, which makes her day.

for me, I've got another stupid headache today. I dont know what is causing me to have a headache every day but it really bugs me.
and my left wrist is hurting. its been hurting for a few days, but its really hurting now, cant really use it to pick up things that are over 5 lbs without it giving out. dont know what's up with it either. I've got my wrist brace on, hoping it'll help.

in good me news, I've not taken any cold meds since the night before last! so I'm about over this crud and the coughing/hacking and blowing are letting up fast. yay!!! I'll be SO glad when this stuff is outta here!

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Kimmy Jones said...

Hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas!