Monday, July 09, 2007

going to my moms soon. she's watching 3 of the kids for me today while I
take C to the ball game. I've gotta take the baby with me cause she's
got a room to move for my aunt who's going to be moving in for a while.
so at least it'll be easier with just Garrett than with all of them. K,G
and H were just as bad as little G yesterday, as in "are we done yet?"
"can we leave?" etc. so now its just the baby to take care of. it'll
still be hard cause its so hot out there and no shade unless the same
people bring that tent thingy and we can smush in a corner of it. wont
be home til around 7 (to get the kids).

in bad news, it looks like Gavin has some poison ivy again! its on his
right hand between his ring/middle finger and looks like big scratches
on his face under his right eye! he woke with it yesterday like that
(the scratches) and we thought he just scratched himself while asleep,
but now its getting little raised bumps on it. I really hate poison
ivy! ugh.

maybe playing in the pool at my moms will help to dry it up.

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