Thursday, July 13, 2006

Garrett at almost 4 weeks

Took the opportunity to have Garrett weighed again since we were at the dr for Gavin's booster shots (he did really well BTW, cried, yes, but was so 'big boy' for me :) he's currently 51 lbs and 45" tall).
Garrett is up to 9.6 lbs (birth was 8.5 and two weeks ago was 8.3 lbs) and he's 22 3/4" (21 3/4" at birth). he'll be a month old on 7-17. *sniff*
I really think he'd be much chunkier if not for his spitting up issues. reminds me of his sister. big spit ups with every burping. he still eats about every 2 hours and sometimes sooner cause of that. he is gaining though and I can tell now, chunking up a bit and getting a little round tummy! ^_^

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