Monday, March 13, 2006

FIL and teeth!

all right, finally a happy post again!
two good things today/tonight.
FIL is here with us. they released him tonight to come home to rest and recoup until he goes back for a colonoscopy on the 21st. (yeah, he's real thrilled about that ). he's got to go get some scripts filled tomorrow and go grocery shopping cause they put him on a strict diet and no more than 50 grams of fat a day. (egads!) he's miffed about that (no cornbread, biscuits, chocolate, etc LOL) but he said he's had to do it before and can make it again.

the next thing is Katlyn lost another tooth tonight! been a long time since a tooth was pulled here, but we've been waiting on this little hanger-oner for a long time too! its her upper incisor to (her) left of her two front teeth. the permanent had already started to come in behind it, so it's got some repositioning to do. she just will NOT tell ya if a tooth is loose, so I remembered tonight about checking it friday while at mcds and told dh before he went to bed. he agreed that it needed to come out now. poor little girl, she just does not do pain well at all! many tears and hiccups later though he got it out for her. I know she'll feel better when its healed. its been tender on her for a while, but she just refused to say anything!
afterwards, she asked if she'd get $5 for it. I told her that would depend on what the tooth fairy had in her pocket.
the funny thing was Gavin and Hunter's reaction. "what is daddy doing to Sissy?!" "why is he taking her tooth out?!" "why is she crying?!" "will he put it back?" "why is it bleeding?" "ew, yucky!!" ( )
Hunter would NOT touch the tooth afterwards. Gavin (being the budding scientist he is) held it and examined it, still not sure why we had to take her tooth from her. LOL!
then we asked him if he had any loose... "nope!" LOL! which I do expect it soon though. both C and K were 5 when their first teeth came out, so Gav is just in the waiting game.
one thing for sure, Katlyn will need braces at some point. I dont know where she got such a tiny jaw from, but her teeth are very crowded. her bottom jaw sticks out beyond her upper jaw as well by about maybe 1/4". her pediatrician said it was from her having such fast growth spurts and being so tall cause she had gone through the same thing as a child (the ped lady being about 6' tall). she said back then they had to break her jaw and reset it into position, but today they have less traumatic ways of taking care of it (thank God!). hopefully we can get some sort of dental insurance before that is a must to help with all that.

Canaan also has one wiggly tooth, but at the rate its going it'll be another year before its ready. its his lower canine on the left. its been the same wiggly for a while now, so no rush. he did get 'miffed' tonight and asked "why does Katlyn get to lose all her teeth?" ( ) and I reminded him that he's already gone through most of his tooth losing already. silly boy!

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